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Inshore Search & Rescue (Midlands)

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Central Rescue Search and Rescue are proud to be a member team of Lowland Rescue. 

This video demonstrates the services our Uk colleagues provide.

Central Rescue is a Water Search & Rescue team with Land Search capabilities based at Shard End in Birmingham covering the West Midlands. Our team of highly trained volunteers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year.

As a member of Lowland Rescue, Central Rescue team members have been trained to be specialists in land-search to assist in searching for vulnerable missing persons.

Supported by existing teams, Central Rescue will be tasked with working alongside West Midlands Police Service on missing-person searches and major incidents.

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** The "Lowland Rescue" mark is a trademark anf "From Hill to High Water" is a trademark of the Association of Lowland Search & Rescue under license. 

The West Midlands county region covers 902 sq. km. of city, farmland and waterways which are currently covered by the neighbouring teams of Staffordshire SAR, Leicestershire  SAR and SARA. Once qualified as Full Members of ALSAR, Central Rescue will take the lead on any Lowland Rescue response in this area.

Lowland Rescue teams now cover 83,696 sq. km. of the UK, and are the official UKSAR responders alongside Mountain Rescue and the RNLI in their respective regions.


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