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Friday 7th March 2014

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Lowland Rescue today welcomes the 33rd member team to its parent body, the Association of Lowland Search & Rescue (ALSAR).

Lowland Rescue today welcomes the 33rd member team to its parent body, the Association of Lowland Search & Rescue (ALSAR).

Central Rescue is a charity which already provides water rescue services around the Birmingham area.

On joining the Lowland Rescue family as a Probationary Member, the team is pledging to train its members in the specialist land-search skills which ALSAR is at the forefront of providing across the non-mountainous areas of the UK.

Training under the close guidance of an existing member team, Central Rescue will be tasked with working alongside West Midlands Police Service on missing-person searches and major incidents.

The West Midlands county region covers 902 sq. km. of city, farmland and waterways which are currently covered by the neighbouring teams of Staffordshire SAR, Warwickshire SAR and West Midlands SAR (which covers the West Mercia Police region). Once qualified as Full Members of ALSAR, Central Rescue will take the lead on any Lowland Rescue response in this area.

Lowland Rescue teams now cover 83,696 sq. km. of the UK, and are the official UKSAR responders alongside Mountain Rescue and the RNLI in their respective regions.

ALSAR Chairman, Adrian Edwards, comments: "The professional conduct of the volunteers at Central Rescue is perfectly aligned with the values of Lowland Rescue, and we welcome them to the family. Adopting our rigorous training standards over the next couple of years will be hard work, but our member teams will be on hand to offer them - and the public they serve - every assistance in their development."

Central Rescue Chairman, Peter Sherwin MBE, comments: “We look forward to this challenge and are delighted to be accepted by ALSAR as a probationary team and will do everything we can to meet their rigorous standards. We look forward to serving the public of the West Midlands area as a member of the Lowland Rescue family.”

For more information on Lowland Rescue, see www.lowlandrescue.org

Photography available at www.flickr.com/photos/lowlandrescue



Central Rescue UK Receive Keys From JLR for their Donation of Land Rover Defender


Central Rescue UK receive keys from land rover who has donated a Land Rover Defender to us




South Birmingham College logo donated £1,000 for heart start program with Central Rescue Uk chairtyStaff at South Birmingham College have a heart startSBC cheque of £1,000 to central rescue uk for heartstart course in saving lives

Staff at South Birmingham College are now equipped with the skills and equipment to provide emergency first aid and CPR if it is ever needed at the college.
The vital training ensures that there is always a staff member on hand across the college who can give emergency CPR to adults and children from the age of 6 upwards, as well as being able to deal with choking and bleeding.

The training was provided by charity Central Rescue UK, which is registered with the British Heart Foundation to teach the ‘Heart Start’ programme.Over 2.3 million people have been trained through the Heart Start initiative to date.

Learning emergency life support skills can help keep someone alive until professional help arrives. The Heart Start programme is designed to provide the skills to help someone that may be having a heart attack and in assessing an unconscious patient. Being able to do CPR more than doubles the chances of survival.
Although the course was provided for free, South Birmingham College has donated £1000 to the charity in thanks to giving staff these important skills which might one day save the life of a student or member of staff.

Stuart Granger from Central Rescue said: “We are delighted to have been able to come to South Birmingham College and provide these vital life saving skills. We would like to thank them for their generous donation. We are happy to work with all types of organisations, including colleges and people can contact us on 07954132871.”

Graham Burton from South Birmingham College, and a volunteer at Central Rescue said: “We are delighted that we now have ten members of staff trained to deal with life threatening emergencies, and we would like to thank Heart Start for providing this. Although we hope that we will never have to use these skills at the College, it is always best to be well prepared to deal with any situation.”



National Lottery Grant for defibs

lottery grant of £9,000

Central Rescue UK has received a lottery grant for 5 Defibrillators




Deputy Mayor of Coleshill present Central Rescue UK with a Defibrillator

Volunteers from Central Rescue UK gathered at Coleshill Town Hall this week  to see one of their members,  Tony Battle, receive a defibrillator. Tony , who recently qualified as  Community First Responder , was presented with an AED by the Deputy Mayor of Coleshill, Cllr Dave Simkin.


When Tony qualified as a CFR a few months ago, he wrote to the Coleshill and District Ladies Circle and to the Coleshill and  District Round Table asking if they would be prepared to help him buy the equipment he needs to do his job.  Tony, who lives in Coleshill, has chosen to serve his local community and surrounding districts, and is delighted that the two local groups were able to help him. Their generous donation of £490 each means he is now up and running and able to save lives.




Coleshill Town  see one of their member tiony battle recive a defibrillator for community first responder

Pictured: (left to right)


Clifford Lewis, Chair of Coleshill and District Round Table,  Nicola Rogers, Chair Coleshill and District Ladies Circle, Tony Battle, CFR with Central Rescue UK, Cllr Dave Simkin, Deputy Mayor of Coleshill and  Darren Tranter, CFR Co-ordinator, Central Rescue.



Donate Your Scrap Car to Central Rescue UK (ISARM)

We have recently teamed up with Giveacar, the UK’s largest scrap car and vehicle donation service. The service organises the free collection and recycling of any car or vehicle, anywhere in the UK. Cars are either disposed of, and the value of the scrap metal donated, or placed into an auction, and the sale price donated. To donate a car to Central Rescue UK (ISARM), please click here and it will lead directly to our page on the Giveacar website.”

give your scap car away to charity by going to www.giveacar.co.uk

emergencySMS  SMS to the emergency services

Registering your phone

Register your mobile phone now; don't wait until you need the emergencySMS service.

The emergencySMS service lets deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people in the UK send an SMS text message to the UK 999 service where it will be passed to the police, ambulance, fire rescue, or coastguard.

Simply by sending an SMS message to 999 you can call for help and the emergency services will be able to reply to you.

You will need to register your mobile phone before using the emergencySMS service, click on the Registering your phone link above for more information.

Click here to download the emergencySMS leaflet.


REMEMBER: This is an emergency service and must only be used in an emergency as below.



•Life is at risk;
•Crime/trouble is happening now;
•Someone is injured or threatened;
•Person committing crime is near;
•There is a fire or people trapped;
•You need an ambulance urgently;
•Someone is in trouble, or missing, at sea, water, canal, lake
•Someone is in trouble on the cliffs or on the shoreline


Skydive for Central Rescue UK (ISARM)

picture of tadem sky dive

Ever wanted to jump out of a plane at over 12,000ft?
Now you can fulfill your dream of skydiving while fundraising for Central Rescue UK (ISARM).

Skydive Swansea offers free jumps for people raising for charities. In return for raising a minimum of £310 in sponsorship, you will be able to make a tandem skydive at no cost to you other than the time you put in to obtaining the pledges and collecting the required charitable donations. Naturally the charities would like you to raise as much money as possible and many people raise considerably in excess of the minimum required.

£220 of this is payable to Skydive Swansea (£40 as a non returnable deposit and £180 on the day). At least another £100 sponsorship (also payable on the day) from your tandem jump will go to Central Rescue UK (ISARM).
Skydive Swansea is the only drop zone in Wales, offering members of the public the opportunity to make a tandem parachute jump from 12,000 ft for charity.

For more information visit

swansea sky dive tadem sy dive website for chairty

Heartstart uk courese

Heartstart UK Courses

Central Rescue UK are able to offer training on Heartstart UK schemes are groups that provide a free two hour Emergency Life Support (ELS) training course within the community.

The course is very practical and hands-on and you learn as part of a small group, a certificate of attendance is presented on completion. For more details please click on the tab above that says Heartstart UK Course





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